Welcome to the Kabbalah Society

The Toledano line of Kabbalah has its roots in medieval Spain where the three branches of the Abrahamic revelation met in a civilised cosmopolitan atmosphere. Then the Kabbalah brought about an esoteric fusion of religion and philosophy. In our time we relate its ancient theories and practices to modern psychology, science and art.

Image by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, Kabbalah Society home

The hallmark of the Toledano line is Jacob’s Ladder, a metaphysical scheme of four interlocking Worlds that originate in the primordial Tree of Life. This diagram of Divine principles, paths and triads is the key to comprehending the plan of Existence and our part in it.

The Society has study groups on all five continents and periodically holds conferences and workshops in different countries. The Principal Tutor is Warren Kenton, who writes under his Hebrew name Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. His books, which have been translated into sixteen languages, present the Toledano version of the Teaching in a contemporary form.

Kabbalah Society editions of books by Halevi:

Adam and the Kabbalistic Trees
A Kabbalistic Universe
The Way of Kabbalah
Introduction to the World of Kabbalah
The Kabbalist at Work
Kabbalah and Exodus
School of the Soul
Psychology and Kabbalah
The Kabbalistic Tree of Life
Kabbalah and Astrology
The Anointed
The Anatomy of Fate
The Path of a Kabbalist
A Kabbalistic View of History

Kabbalah Society foreign editions by Halevi:

Cábala: La Anatomía del Sino y del Destino